Thursday, March 14, 2013

Be thankful.


Sorry for not being here for almost few months *approx*. I've been busy with taking care of K.yuni's baby, Wafid Rayyan. Or, should i just say, i've been busy with baby-sitting. Hehehe. Well, as usual, when the new semester begins, i'll try my best to share everything i have whether its about my past or present, or maybe future.

For the past thingy, alhamdulillah. The last semester's result has came out in few weeks back. My result was alhamdulillah. Tho i can't achieve my target which to obtain the Dean's List award for my second last semester in degree, but im still thankful with the pointers. It does increase but not that much since i just took only 4 subjects during my last semester. So, it doesn't increase the pointer so much. But still, i felt soooo thankful. Alhamdulillah. :)

So, for the present, right now im still doing my studies in my final semester for my final year of degree here. Wahhh. It sounds like im getting done with my degree. InshaaAllah. Im hoping for dua' from all of you guys to let me finish my studies here successfully.

As for the future, I think i shall not mention it here. Because its still listed in my planning list. If there's is ample time for me to share it out, InshaaAllah, i will do so. Doakan yg terbaik buat saya ye. :)

Just wanna share out this lovely video. There's no need for me to mention who's the singer and what is the song about. Its even better if you guys can push the play button and enjoy it on your own.

Dont forget, each of the moments come from Him. Let us be thankful and appreciate everything. Be thankful for what you have. 

p/s: Sorry for the unfinish part of stories which i've promised before. I'll find the best time to complete it. InshaaAllah. 

Cik Kiqah