Wednesday, December 12, 2012



"when someone does something that hurts you, make a promise to yourself and to Allah SWT that you will never do the same thing to anyone else. :)" -FB status

The above statement is copied from my friend's fb status. Perhaps, the statement sounds so sarcastic. (to whom it may concern)

But, the writer of statement is surely having a really bad time because someone is hurting her. Kan? 
Well, i used to be like that before. 

When someone hurts you and you feel the thing is like can't even be shared with someone else, its really hopeless. 

If I was in the situation, the worst thing I would do is to keep on silent and lock myself inside the room. 

Or else, I will find another immature ways to reduce the sadness. Haha. Lepas geram kat twitter & fb? Hehehe. Okay, that's not a good ones. It wont help you much. Heee. :D

Sometimes, I will try to share something which can motivate myself back like reciting the Quran and find those ayat which can aware me on Allah's greatness especially this ayat;

  • Surah Al-Baqarah : Ayat 286 
  • Surah Al-Imran : Ayat 8

After the thing seems to be over, I will voice out everything to Allah swt in my prayer. 

Because I know, Allah swt will always be there for me. Every time i cross my hand and make a dua', surely Allah swt will listen well on each of my say. 

If possible, please avoid from hurting people's heart, we dont know the consequences of what we have done before. 

Appreciate people that surround you, not only your family members, and close friends, its all about the people that you have in your life. 

Create a warmth relationship between each other and In Shaa Allah, Allah swt wont ever forget your kindness. There are so much of rewards awaiting us. :) 

P/s: Really hope, my friend can stay strong on everything happens to her. And In Shaa Allah, same goes to me. 

Saya sayang anda semua :)
Cik Kiqah

Friday, December 7, 2012



Sharing is caring.
The simple words sometime can reflect so many things.

So people,
Lets share and care each other,
In shaa Allah, 
Allah swt will love you more.

P/s: Jangan kedekut tau, tak kiralah in terms of apa pun, duit ke, ilmu ke, makanan ke, senyuman sekalipun, sebab semua itu loan yg Allah bagi kat kita je, nanti dah sampai masa Allah ambil balik kan? So, bila lagi nak buat amal kalau tak sekarang. Jom jom. :)

Cik Kiqah