Sunday, January 29, 2012



Well, i broke my promise again. Sorry for lack of updates. *roll eyes* 
I didn't mean to do so. Few weeks back, i had so much things to do until i got no time to update this blog. 
Too much things to share and i bet, it's gonna be a longgg update if i decide to share all the stories out. *big grin*

So, let me head to the point. InsyaAllah, i'll be having another final exam for this trimester in less than 1week from now. And yeah, the preparation is still on its way and hope everything's gonna be fine. Actually, this time around will be my last final exam before i go for my internship program and it takes about 6 months for me to  finish it off. And once the thing is over, i'll be back here to complete 2 more trimesters and fight 2 more final exams before i manage to get my degree. Biiznillah. Please pray for me & my friends as well. Thanks. :)

Since the journey is going to be more challenging ahead, i should force myself to start off the race and never turn myself back. May Allah shower me with all the blessings. Aminn.

p/s: Let's forgive each other before we face the new day in our life. And good luck to all my friends. :)

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