Saturday, June 25, 2011

good night!


just gimme 10 minutes before i hit the bed ;)

alright, this time around i just want to paste this cute layout..
currently i'm using it as my desktop background..
i'm totally melted with that fruity ice-cream..
the colors resemble me about the wonderful and beautiful days ahead ;)
and of course, once i switch it on, i can smile brightly and warm my mood up ;)
especially when i look at the fresh strawberries ;)

 picture courtesy of cik kiQah's collection ;)

i just can't get enough actually, anyone could buy me one..pleaseeee?
hehehe, okays, enough then..
good night peeps!

p/s: sila abaikan folders yg *bersepah kat desktop tu..i'm too lazy to tidy them up ;)

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