Tuesday, May 10, 2011

es buah ;)


Note to Madam Semut: can you see the slices of fresh stlobellies in the bowl? hehe, comel kan? ;))

homemade es buah by Jaja *my housie
ouh! i love the taste so much!
we called it es buah or ais buah..
Jaja said, this is one of Indonesian's desserts..
ehem, thinking about the recipe?
hehe..it's quite easy actually..
just put in any fruit that you like and mix it with some coconut juice and sweet milk..
also add in some ice cubes..
put and stir them together gently ;)
ouh, this is a mouth-watering one..trust me ;)
anyone can do it..
hehe..that's it!i just can say, i love it so muchhh ;)
thanks my dear for the tasty es buah *hugs

p/s: because of es buah, we both had planned for something ;) Insya-Allah ;))

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