Tuesday, May 3, 2011

back pain :(


and tonight..
it attacks me again..
i can't even stay comfortably..
and i can neither stand nor lie nor sit..
it becomes more severe whenever i try to move myself and wake up in the morning day..

i can't bear the pain unless i reach the painkillers..
is there any other method to reduce the pain?
i really do hate the painkillers *it sounds like i'm a druggie =p
or else, should i take some time off from those works and let my back repairs the bone cells and blood cells etc.?
but is that possible for me to hit the notes while lying on the bed? 
erm, instead of forcing myself to do so, i would rather have a good sleep..but, the finals around the corner lah..
okay, stop talking craps =.="

hey, hey!
" when there is a will, there's a way! "

p/s: Oh Allah, please give me strength and help me on getting rid of this pain, aminn~

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