Wednesday, April 13, 2011

food again?


well, this time..
the pics were taken by my naughty housie, Hajar-chan :)
she loves to play with her camera..
or should i just call it "Mr. Sony" ? ;p
and as the unqualified models, we extremely enjoyed the moment she captured us with her Mr. Sony haha ;))
let the pics speak people! :)

We're lovin' it! ;))

i can't recall the name of this choc shake, but it was awesome indeed! and i loved the whity creamyyyy topping ;)

oh!this one is Mohana's cake! the strawberry and choc combination was not really bad ;)

and our cameragirl loves to crave for her brownies, as always ;))

this is mine! i love the crunchy walnuts inside the slice! ;)

oh! we can't take our craziness off it! as always, Big Appleeee ;)

p/s: due to some reasons, i can't upload our comel pics here, so let the pics of food speak out! ;))


  1. perghhh mkanan yg megemik kan bdn....

  2. Fain:: megemik? apekah? haha..jeles la tu sbb xdpt join kan..=p