Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my bad


okay, i supposed not to say that thing..
but i didn't know why i must tell u about that..
i've tried to make it personally..
but it feels like i wanna share all the things i have with u..
because for me..when i take it out from inside me, it makes me feel nice...
dearly nice..
because i know..
it will slowly bring me to the happy ending part..

but then..
i can't take it when the happy ending turns out differently..
it was not a pathetic one..
but it seems to be a miserable ending..
it extremely affects my pride, perhaps..
ouh, and maybe, i was a negative thinker instead..
but is it a matter to u if i said, 
"i'm perfectly imperfect!!"

i mean it when i said it..
so people..
i know that was my bad, so far..
please take it and throw it away as far as u could do so..
and again..
sorry, it was my bad!

whatever it is..
later, i'll try my best to keep the things secretly..
because it's between me and myself..
no matter how much i leak the things out to u..
or to anyone else..
it will not give me the same thing!
seriously, if only i can pull it back..i'll make it clearer and better..
but i'm just a powerless girl ='(
haihh..why is this happened to me..??

p/s: justtt....just keep running till u drop lah iQa!!! 


  1. its ok...kuatkan smgt strong n brave...everybody is not perfect...

    neway sy ade tag name awk...pasal 1 contest yg miss yuu buat...jenguk2 la ek... ^_^

  2. bnyk2kan bersabar brave n strong...

    neway sy tag awk pd entry sy pasal contest yg miss yuu buat...join la... :)

  3. Kamil Kahar:: thanks then, insya-Allah, will get it soonest ^^