Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Donghae = King of Tears ?
Donghae = The Best Cute Asian Male ?
Donghae = Pretty but Manly Face-Structure ?

whatever it is..

Donghae = You are so freakin' comel! ;)

ouh! can't take my eyes off you! gilakkkk =p

p/s: ok! enough for today..dear Donghae, i love the way you gigit the rose! ngeeee =D


  1. donghae...
    klu tgk suju nye show..
    donghae sgt sensitif hati die..
    lebih2 lg sal family..
    pasti akn mengalir air mata die ><

  2. hehe..akak taw..die mmg sgt sensitif..mudah sgt menangis..tp yg tu la my taste..dr luar nmpk cute enough...tp dr dlm..lembutttttt mcm butter..hahaha *senyum sampai telinga*

    hehe..donghae,saranghae!! hahaha

  3. erk!aigoo~ hehe..ha'ah..hensem kannn :))

  4. hidung die mncungkn...
    putih plak 2..
    mmg hensem la..
    no doubt la he's 'the best cute asian male' kn..;-)
    mmg ckup sifat da 2...=)