Tuesday, January 25, 2011



just now i hit one blog..
never expect she would publish the blog again..
tak tahu malu kot..
erm..actually..i'm not going to yell or to shout out my negative emotion here..
but when i go thru with that..
oh my..
the person is still the same..
i thought she is already changed and become a better one..
but i'm wrong..
masih tang tu jugak ;p

i wish i cud give something and let her realize on certain things..
but..yeahh..of course she won't lend me her ears..

p/s: excuse me, saya bukan seorang yg tidak tahu mengenang budi ye, dalam ramai2 sahabat saya,anda seorang je kot yg *tak tahu malu* cakap macam tu..i think..the "tak kenang budi" one seems like to ngam with ur attitude rite?..

| don't ever think to mess with me because i have the PROOF which can affect the rest of your life, perhaps badly | *ada macam ugutan tak?* hahaha ;p

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