Saturday, January 1, 2011

welc0me 2011


Selamat sudah tahun 2010 meninggalkan kita..
harap2 tahun ni membawa seribu erti buat kita semua..insya-Allah,bila cakap pasal tahun baru ni..
ramai yg suka tanya "apa azam tahun baru?"
hehehe..kalau nak cakap pasal azam...
memang tak habis la..
esok lusa p0n bole sambung borak pasal azam..
okay..roughly said,
my New Year resolutions can be categorized into several parts..hehe
let us check it out !!!

Part 1: Family
i wish i cud spend enough time with mama,papa and adik2 
i wish i cud have my memorable holidays with them.
i wish i cud stay longer @ my kampung..
i wish i cud bake chocolate cake for my three little brothers..
and last i wish i cud have longer time with them and stay happily as one blessed family =)

Part 2: Friends
i wish i cud enjoy the happy moment with them..
i wish i cud help them whenever they need me..
i wish i cud hold them tightly until we manage to reach the success point..
i wish i cud spread my love towards of them...=)
and last one, i wish the bunch of happiness always surround them

Part 3: Myself
i wish i cud reduce my homesickness syndrome =p
i wish i can score well in my study matter..ameen.
i wish i can stand together with those successful students..
and i wish i can get marry as soon as possible..gatal!hahaha..kiddin' laa! =D

Part 4: My Man
i wish i can hold our relationship last forever..
and i wish all blessings surround us, insya-Allah =)

p/s: anything posted above are not really came out from the author's mind..please don't take it seriously..hehe,just wanna update my blog since the New Year reason is available right now =P

*wait,suddenly, cik kiQah rindu nak jumpa cik manakah cik Semut menghilang..?*


  1. slmat bermatlamat !

    p/s..gatal sungguh,..:p

  2. thanks!

    weyhhhh!sape yg gatal sebenarnya nihh?entah2 nobita yg kawen dlu dgn sizuka..hahahaha =p