Monday, January 31, 2011

Part 1: No toiletries,No talk!


currently, i'm not in the mood of reading those theories ;p
so,here i come..blogging again! ;)
well, i'm not coming here to talk those emotional things or craps or what so ever..
haha! i just want to share something so-called "simple" about me..
perhaps, those of u have your own stuffs to be shared ;))
nevermind..since this site is officially owned by me, i'm gonna share the things out here =)

well,teen's life is a wonderful moment and i'm sure, most of teenagers or those girls which are trying to get into this teen's level would probably look for the stuffs which can fit into their wants =) *highlight: girls only*

okay,as known as cik kiQah *in the blogging world,perhaps* ;p
i have several things which MUST always attach to me ;))
if not, maybe my life's gonna be so freakin' nightmare or else i won't be able to feel the craziness of teen's life ;p
ok, stop talking craps =D
ehem..ehem..let's check it out bebeyh ;p

hand & nail lotion *Vaselin*

at first, i just curik my close friend's one, and i applied small portion of the lotion on my hands..then,for the whole day, my hand's skin felt like a baby's one..haha, can't believe on the result..idk, perhaps it depends on people's skin too..but mine fits with it!

and here, i shall deliver my thanks to my besty, cik Kikin for introducing the product to me, and letting me use it freely for about 3 times *if i'm not mistaken* ;p

okay, i've been using this lotion for this 2 weeks. The result was quite impressive as it moisturizes and softens my hand's skin. Before i choose this product, i used the baby lotion * can't specify the product name or else i'll be summoned by the company* hahaha
and i applied it for about 3 years *but not so consistent* and i found out the result was not pretty much to be seen ;p [nampak sgt my skin dah akil baligh, bukan baby nye skin dah] ;p

Plus, this skin lotion provides a value added for my nails too..while i'm using it for hand's skin, also, i can make sure my nails are healthily protected  ;)

okay, here, i'm telling the truth, before this, one of my nails was cracked because of being hit by door *damn hurt okay!*..after the incident, the nail is infected by one virus *i don't remember the official name of that virus* and the doctor said if i use the lotion given by her, at least, it takes about 6-months for the nail to recover [WTFreak?!]

dah la my nail rosak kena kepit pintu, then kena pulak virus sebab water supply was not really clean and it causes the bacterias attack my nails [as what i've been told by the doc lah] ..last year, i stayed in BBP Apartment..hari tu BBP apartment supplies air yg kaler kuning *berkarat*..setiap hari kena sabar jek sebab mandi, berwudhuk, bersih muka, basuh baju semua guna air kaler kuning tu..=( 
Alhamdulillah, now my life is better than before..=)

i'm so sad once i heard the news from the doc and i keep applying the lotion on my broken nail but the result was not really effective..*stress to the max!*

if those yg tak percaya my nail story, i won't bother at all, but my family members know it well especially my mom. She looks very concern on what had happened to me and once again, thanks ma for the loves and cares =)

and now, Vaselin's hand & nail lotion helps me to protect my hand's skin and nails healthily..i'm so happy with the result, and All praises to Allah swt as well =)

so people! at last,  i did found the best/fit one for my hand's skin + nails, yours? ;p
 note: so far, as the beginner, i just chose the 100ml first, then later if the result forces me to buy it again, maybe i'll grab the biggest one! [yang besarrrrr punyerr] hahaha! ;)

beli kecik2 sudeh sebab nanti senang nak letak dalam bag and bole bawak mana2 je kita pergi..kalau cik Kiah ke..cik Jah nak pakai p0n bole jugak..nanti bole taruk dalam beg bunga2 yg salu bawak nak pergi pasar tu ..hahaha ;p

but, if only cik kiQah terfikir hari tu, cik kiQah maybe beli 2 bottles kot sebab 1 bottle nak letak dlm handbag je..the other one letak tepi bantal, nanti malam2 nak tido bole pakai..tak perlu nak gelabah pergi amik dalam bag ke ape..[giler malas nak bangun bila dah tido] =D so what....??!!

p/s: hey girls out there, don't let your teen's life becomes a nightmare to you, but let it free & fly away like a G6..
hahaha ;p

i love being a girl, thank you Allah swt =)

* wait for my next stuff! ;p *

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