Wednesday, January 12, 2011

feel good

okay,first thing first..
let me convey my praises and thanks to Allah swt for giving me chance to finish all the things up..
thus,it signals that my part is done =)
i hope He values me well =)

Okay,along this journey..
i managed to capture some interesting parts which might be the best reasons for me to build my own strength
and today..i knew that,SELFISHNESS & PEOPLE complement each other..and here,i'm telling the truth
i learn many things since i've been appointed to lead the group... terms of doing mistakes..
it was a silly one because i've been controlled by my own shadow..
that's why i'm saying "i can't trust anyone..perhaps..anything"
person that i hate most can be my good partner..
and person that i like most can be the bad one..
i don't have any right to conclude this statement..
but the experience allow me to create such word..
so far,i love all the gifts given by Allah..
especially my friends =)
without them, i'm nothing here =)
no matter what happen..
i always keep their name tightly in my Dua' ..
Insya-Allah..may the best things belong to them =)
because of that..
i believe in Allah swt...
He knows the best things for me..
and as a mankind towards of Him..
i accept all the badness and goodness which belong to me =)

p/s: dalam ramai2..dia sorang je yg sanggup call and appreciate saya =) baru saya tahu,tak semua yg saya benci itu buruk pd pandangan mata hati saya...tapi sebenarnya,itulah anugerah terbaek yg pernah Allah hantarkan utk saya =) Alhamdulillah...


  1. betul tu!
    kdg2 org yg kita benci tu la yg pling baik sbnarnya ^^

  2. yup..hanya Allah yg maha Tahu segala =)