Wednesday, December 29, 2010



please..let me hug the happiness for a while..
just for a while..
i don't demand for anyone's concern...

when the things come to me..
i keep thinking about the mistakes i've done..
then i sreened out the results..
oh my..
so silly i am..
i've been so stupid when i joined the situation...

it was too hard for me to explain this in details..
forgive me on what i've done before..
it was not me actually..
hope you can bear with that and please..
don't judge me without any reason..
people always make mistake..
same goes to me..

i'm so sad if i realized about the mistakes..
too shame to rethink about it..
please guys..
i'm trying to become a better person...
i don't know why some people seem to be unhappy with me in the certain parts..
am i doing something wrong?
i just want to be a gud friend..
i just want to see ur sincerity having me as your friend..
i just want to be happy with you guys..
please let me smile again and feel the "freak out" moment together..

i just want to be happy..i don't want to be sad..=)

thank you for holding my hand this far =) 

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