Sunday, November 28, 2010

is that bias?

okay..kemalasan utk revise AIS mula melanda diri...
dgn BANK & TAX entah ke mana..

today's HRM lecture..
kitaorang di hidangkan dgn breakfast yg paling melazatkan..
well..bukan nak perli..tapi nak share..
Madam said..half of the class have screwed the midterm's paper...
what the....?
okay..cik kiQah tahu..
she deserves to voice out that thing..
but come on la..
totally obvious kot..
in the first part..
u are trying to tell us that our effort was not strong enough to perform well in the exam....
okay, honestly said..
i've tried my best to score in your paper...
the question was not really tough either
but the scope is hard to be matched with our course..
okay..we are the accounting student..
for those reading things..
i'm sure..
most of accounting students claim that..
"we prefer to have the calculation rather than read the theories"
unless it is required for us to do that..
i enjoyed having the test as it can customize my skill..
but please..
don't be too bias with those your "beloved students"
i knew..
HRM is the major subject for us to take..
but your expectation beyonds our specialties..
how come you expect we did the same thing as your HRM students?
whatever it is..
i'm counting to get the better result in HRM's midterm..
i don't really like those lecturers who love to get bias when it comes to different courses..
in the last part..
you've said that there will be some tests for us..
if it is intentionally done for our sake...i shall thank u..
but if it is purposely created upon your biasness, hope you can rethink about it..

"i'm trying to change my previous, please don't force me to judge you"


  1. @#$%^ how ur practical last time???hahaha sy rasa sy dapat agak siapa...

  2. ????practical????
    tak faham...
    ouh,if fain dpt agak sape..bagus la..hahaha..but i still pay my respect towards her ^^