Wednesday, October 27, 2010

no disturb

i need some times to make this clearer..
please leave me alone and just let me finish off all these things..
i hate for yelling you with those rude words..
please forgive me..
hope you can bear with me until the serabut things come to the end..

i know you are such a caring person to me..
but this time..
i can't make it as usual..
perhaps the unstable hormones start to active again..
plus, i'll be having some presentations..
this time..
i need to deal with both presentations..
individual presentation as well as group presentation..
* it forces me to make special appointment with anyone who is HR Manager and get the interview session with him/her *

p/s: di sebalik keserabutan semua ni, i believe, at the end of the day, i realize it will produce me some kind of "profitable outcome" especially for my own benefits..insya-Allah~

| semoga Allah swt melindungi Faain di dunia dan akhirat..ameen |

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  1. amin.. semoga Allah melindungi sahabat kita dan kita semua ^^