Saturday, October 23, 2010

let us begin

since the last trimester result is released..
i knew that..
all the things are actually rewarded by Allah swt..
as we put the effort to get something..
plus the sincerity comes together..
then we are deserved for it..

sometimes we face difficulties in reaching desired thing..
but when we believe in Allah swt..
and never stop rely on Him..
everything we hope is going to be okay...insya-Allah..

for those who manage to score well in the exam..
but..not to forget..
for those who are still working on it..
a bunch of luck!

it is enough for me to say..
believe in Him is the most wonderful thing in my life..
and again..Alhamdulillah.. goes on..
now i'm already reached my 2nd trimester for my 2nd Year (Gamma)
then my classes and those tutorials..presentations..also begin as usual..
nevermind..insya-Allah..i'll try to give my best for this semester..

p/s: i'm thinking to change my study style since the previous one was not so effective..perhaps

*waiting for my JPA's scholarship patiently*

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