Thursday, October 7, 2010


"so far, i know what is life all about"

we eat for the survival..
we survive for the life..
we live for the achievement..

and we believe..
the only One ables to plan well in our life is Allah swt..
He plans and manages all things perfectly..
without any doubt,
i am truly confessed..
i am proud to be His mankind..

He chose me to finish this journey..
He chose me to carry the tasks..
He knows me well..
and i am surely glad..
He creates me to be a loyalty person towards of Him..

As long as my mission is not completed yet..
i can't stop of making it reach until the final point..
it was totally crowded with challenges..
also some sort of funs ..
and not even to forget..
the sadness comes to make it brighter..

i do accept all these things gratefully..
because i know..
inside me..
He is always be there..
nothing except for me..
the only One i have..
Allah swt..

p/s: whatever comes into my life, i know it comes for a reason. Although i am not the one who is gifted to know every single thing happened in this life, but i know, once i believe in Him, each of the things happened to me, it promises me the Hikmah ..Believe in Allah is the most wonderful thing that i do have in myself..Alhamdulillah ya Allah.

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