Friday, October 8, 2010

i tell u!

tell me your name?
my name is Annur Afiqah Bt. Mohamed =)

tell me about yourself?
physically, i am a simple girl who is trying the best to perform well towards of everyone=)

tell me your habit?
upss, until now, i can't reduce my homesickness =p

tell me your goodness?
well, my goodness is all about having myself as one of Allah's mankind =)

tell me your badness?
nobody is perfect, same goes to me. Perhaps, until now, i don't like to be forced by someone in whatever things i do.

tell me about your current life?
now i am having my sweet and short holidays with my family =)

tell me about your special person?
it was pointless to me, having a special person in my life is not something that i can proud of as now i know what is life all about..i did learn from it.

tell me your opinion about current issue happened in your country?
okay, i love this ques! Let me point it one by one =)
  • First, the hottest issue within my country is about the murder of cosmetic millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and three other person. It was a cruel murder as the victims were being murdered at the 4-hectare plantation and their bodies were burned at the same place. Some more, the murderers scattered the victims' ashes at the river near the Ladang Gadong. Until now, polices put their best effort to investigate the case and get the solution as soon as possible. Together pray for the victims.
  • Second, couple days ago, Maher Zain came to Malaysia to project out his concert Save The Soul =)
  • Third, lots of issues published lately but i can't afford to list them out here =.="
tell me your idol?
surely said, my parents play the important role to shape me from the first day i was born until today =)
then, my answer is mama and papa! They are my idol.

tell me about your belief?
i believe in Allah swt and i do proud to be His mankind =)

tell me one word that can bring you out a peaceful?
Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah swt =)

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