Thursday, September 2, 2010

take a step!



i don't want to say the word..
but when it comes to you..
it forces me to speak out everything..
i do have my own limit..
please give me chance to make it clearly..

People will not know what is exactly happened to me..
but if you still want to hurt me inside..
then what else i can do..
but please..
don't ever touch my heart..
once i got it from you..
the it will be permanently paste in my mind..

until now..
i can't even get you..
why it is so hard for you to be honest with me?
i'm trying to forget the past..
but everyday..
when it comes to the new day..
you are always push me with lots of troubles..
and troubles..
huhhh..penat la..!
tension taw x..?
please change yourself before it is too late for you to do that
one piece of my advice..
each of your days bring you experience..
just learn the experience wisely before you manage to get to the matured level..
life doesn't promise you the best in everything that you wish to do..
so, please bear with it carefully and have a matured lifestyle before you reach your last destination..

p/s: i hate this phase!

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