Sunday, August 8, 2010



*i heard this cool song during my shopping time at Watson*


lagu di atas takde kena-mengena dgn entry ni sebenarnya..haha!
tapi cik kiQah nak post pasal certain things yg happened today..ngee:-D

"i went to JJ with my l0vely housie, Hajar. During the meantime, she was a gagah girl because willing to lend me her maximum energy to carry all my stuff *segan*. Then, the most thing that i felt so segan with her is when she carries 2 heavy bottles of mineral water without shows her penat face..huhu. Anyway, thanks a lot my dearie Hajar for spending your day with me at JJ today"

that's all. i can't say everything because it was too much to type..tak larat! (^____^)

p/s: akibat ketegaq nak shopping time2 hujan macam ni, sekarang cik kiQah telah mengalami demam yg agak best. Meaning to say, demam yg agak best itu ialah demam yg cukup package. Hahaha!so, nak tak nak, kena terima kenyataan bahawa diri sudah tidak larat nak buat semua kerja...(-______-)

demam + panadol = pahit + tasuke!,

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