Wednesday, July 14, 2010




bak kata orang
tak kenal maka tak cinta..
so..j0m kita kenalan..hahaha [ape aku merapu ni?]

takde ape..
just nak update something
just now..
hani,hajar & an suprised me with a cute and lovely chocolate birthday cake..
nice one!
really l0ve it..
but they didn't even show any sign to make the surprise today..
it was totally "whooaa"
thanx a l0t to all my cun housemates..
you are the hot stuff to me..ahakz!

*currently my stomach is full with cake because they force me to eat it once i break the fast*

p/s: the cake's pic will be uploading soon...believe me,it was a nice cake.thanx to hani because willing to "project out" on this event!hahaha..pandai korang buat muka tak bersalah okay..and also thanx for "calit" icing on my cheek =.="

kak iqa terharu 0kay,

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