Thursday, July 22, 2010

settled down



the thing was *settled down* today..
you asked the forgiveness..
and i did accept you back..
forgive me also on certain things i've done before this..
*but this is not about the forgive and forget okay*
it was all about the misunderstanding and sarcasm...
just take it as part of the life tests..okay?

it will take permanently..
and for all my beloved friends..
please give me some spaces..
i need to refresh my life to the normal point..
*give us a new chance to  make it better than before*

and for what had happened,
i just let it fly towards of the time being..
it makes me feel better, i guess..

problems come and go..
never wait for us even a second only..
so, when it comes to this phase..
people will not know every single thing happened to me..
please...don't easily judge me or other people without thinking the outcome first..
your kindness is highly appreciated (^_^)

t0 that puaka guy,
please take a nice mirror and look at yourself..
compared to other human being..[perhaps a cow-ard..haaha]..
you are such a coward one..
i mean it..
even you are older than me, but your knowledge is so cetek one..
never same like an educated people..
so pity la..
especially for the one who loved you very much..
because what...?
because if you willing to use that puaka behavior to other people..
why not one day your love one will get the same thing..?
hahaha..fair what..?

hahaha....what a bastard guy that i've ever found..!
sumpah nak gelak ouh..muahaha

p/s: yang terjadi tetap akan terjadi..kita tak pernah mampu untuk tutup segala apa yang Allah swt dah suratkan. Hidup ni memerlukan kita untuk bersikap matang dan bersabar dengan segala dugaan mendatang. Kalau kita tak mampu untuk buat demikian, tak mustahil untuk kita jatuh kembali dalam lubang yang pernah kita jatuh dulu. Yang buruk memang akan tetap nampak buruk,tapi cik kiQah percaya, tak salah kalau kita cuba pandang yang buruk tu dari sudut yang lebih mulia. Mungkin apa yang terjadi semua ni ada hikmah di sebaliknya. Cik kiQah ikhlaskan semuanya dari dulu sampai sekarang. Dengan rasminya, cik kiQah tutup kes emo2 segala ini..hehehe..tanak semakkan blog cute ini dengan benda alah tu semua..till then, bila sudah jatuh, jangan lupa cuba bangun balik taw..!ingat tu..(^___^)

insya-Allah, semua itu ade hikmahnya=)

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