Saturday, July 17, 2010

midterm: MA2



Subject: Management Accounting 2 [MA2]
Date: 20 July 2010 [Tuesday..!]
Time: 8.15am-9.45am
Venue: Main Hall lagi (-_-)

next paper is Management Accounting 2 [MA2]
also kn0wn as "killer paper"
need to understand each of the concept


as usual,
my otak will start to serabut again [errk]
then my mood will get into imbalance again..(-_-)
to En. Peace Dudes, please get ready with the situation..
i kn0w you get me (^_^)

and for those,
please pray f0r my luck in this coming paper..
i don't feel that i've a good mood in revising this subject because quite blur ahh
erghh..oh Allah,please give me strength..

p/s: no matter how, i must score this paper because it also affects my final soon. Chaiy0k cik kiQah..j0m stay up ramai2 [erk!]..hahaha..

midterm m0de begins,

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