Tuesday, July 13, 2010

it was complicated



what do you feel when someone offers you something special?
on your birthday..
you didn't expect anything from people..
but he or she is willing to give you something special..

for me myself..
when this happened to me
it makes me feel uneasy
even to accept directly..
or try to avoid from accepting it..
confused but i must decide it wisely

i thought i can get "it" from you..
but when it comes to this situation
it really brings me into "complicated" area..
too hard to decide because it is all about the feeling matter

wutever it is..
when the tears drop down..
one piece of my advice..
just wipe your tears..
be strong and always try to face everything strongly
*i don't want to play with my own dreams*

**to someone,thanks a lot for the gift that you've posted to me, whatever it is, you make me happy when I feel alone, thanks again**

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